Primary section

The Primary School arm is divided into lower Primary and Upper Primary. The Primary section has a broad and challenging curriculum spiced with variety of extra curricula activities, which prepare our pupils for quiz competitions and national examinations. The teacher/pupil ratio is 1:8.

The Primary school has a good number of departments such as:

i. Music Department: Pupils learn music practically to bring out their music potentials such as playing musical instruments, reading music notes(staff) ,and singing.

ii. Computer Science Department: It is dedicated to the teaching of the science computing and its practical usage.

ii. Library: Every class has a library period within their weekly time-table. This exposes them to thousands of foreign and local books in the library to expand their knowledge horizon.

iv. Sick Bay: The school has a sick bay where first aid treatment are given to minor injuries and ailments.

v. Security/Water/Power Supply:Security of life and property is guaranteed within the premises. There is non-stop flow of water for use by both staff and pupils. In the same vein, we have steady source of power supply.


Clubs: This is where the natural endowments of these children are discovered, encouraged and properly utilized . Provision is made in the time-table for the clubs to enable them meet weekly. The clubs include:

1. Junior Engineers, Technologists and Scientists (JETS) Club

2. Computer Club

3. Literary Club

4. French Club

5. Music Club

6. Fine Art Club

7. Drama Club

Sports: The school has given priority to sports, to enable pupils and staff enjoy sound health, better socialization and promotion of skills. Tuesdays and Wednesday morning are set aside as sports days.